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Telephone Counselling.

Locating a Counsellor

Locating a counsellor may be a challenge where distance is an issue. Telephone or Video Call counselling may provide a viable option.

Using the phone to talk with a counsellor is similar to what you could expect from an office visit. The therapy we offer at Making the Difference, by way of the telephone or video call, can be as effective as traditional in-office consultations.

Telephone Counselling is suitable for you if you:

  • are over 18 years of age
  • have a good command of the English Language
  • are not suicidal at the time of your call

* Do you have a suicidal or homicidal intent?
At Making the Difference we are not able to provide telephone counselling to those who are currently experiencing suicidal or homicidal intent, as our ability to ensure that you remain safe may be limited by the geographical distance. Should this apply to you, we urge you to seek medical or psychiatric attention immediately so that you can get the necessary support and assistance 

How it Works

The format for telephone or video call counselling is as follows:   

  • Contact our office and discuss your needs with the our receptionist
  • An appointment will be made with the most appropriate counsellor to suit your needs
  • There will be no initial cost for discussion of the services we provide
  • Payment needs to be received 24 hours before the session. It is a requirement that you advise the details of credit card number, name as shown on the card and the expiry date at the time of your initial contact with the receptionist at Making the Difference.  An email will be sent to you advising that the charge has been applied to your designated bank account.
  • The rate for counselling is $100 – $120 per session. 
  • At the agreed time your counsellor will be ready for your call. This time will be exclusively yours.  The session will normally last for the duration of one hour
  • Towards the end of your counselling session you will be able to arrange a further telephone counselling session with the same counsellor
  • Counselling is confidential and always handled by fully trained and qualified counsellors

Our Counselling Services

  • Personal & Relationship Counselling
  • Counselling Children & Adolescents
  • Loss & Grief Counselling
  • Pre Marriage Counselling
  • Stress & Burn Out Counselling
  • Life Changes & Transitions
  • Issues relating to Women
  • Issues relating to Men
  • Telephone & Video Counselling
  • Professional Counselling Supervision
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